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Workshops of the 7th Project Phase of CC Sourcing

Latest information on workshops and the current phase of the Competence Center are available here.

EventDatePlaceContent (only available in German)
CCS 6 Pre Workshop29.10.-30.10.2014St. Gallen

Further information

CCS6 1. Workshop18.02.-20.02.2015Filzbach (CH)Further information
CCS6 2. Workshop10.06.-12.06.2015Gottlieben (CH)Further information
CCS6 3. Workshop21.10.-23.10.2015Zürich (CH)

Further information

CCS6 4. Workshop24.02.-26.02.2016

Filzbach (CH)

Further information

CCS6 5. Workshop01.06.-03.06.2016Arbon (CH)

Further information

CCS6 6. Workshop

14.09.-16.09.2016Kappel (CH)

Further information

Summary CCS6Documents
CCS7 3. Workshop06.09.-08.09.2017Lindau (D)Further information
CCS7 Innovationday and BEF 201715.11/16.11.2017St. Gallen (CH)Further information / documents
CCS7 5. Workshop16.05.-18.05.2018Horn (CH)Further information / documents


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